48 hours in

48 hours in

I managed to make the core mechanic of the game work, so that I can start making this thing into a game! Everything looks a bit bland right now, but when i start working on the background everything will look better.

thanks for checking out my blog!


Creek hero

Hi, and welcome to the devblog of Creek Hero. Creek hero will be the name of my 7drl this year. I’m not a good writer, but i think it would be interesting to keep a small blog during my quest of building my first working game in a week!

The game will take place in a pond, where you will start as a small fish and grow by eating al the other fish in the pond, to become the biggest fish of them all! The idea of the game is inspired by the flash game called fishy, and the cell-phase of the game spore. I made the game as simple as i could, but the growing mechanic will make the game as a 7 day roguelike maybe a little interesting. More info and screenshots will follow soon.

Wish me luck!